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We custom-make car seat covers for all types of vehicles using the highest quality materials. Our car seat covers are amazingly comfortable and fit superbly.

We specialise in neoprene (wetsuit material) seat covers, as neoprene provides incredible protection for the seat underneath and is also extremely elastic so that it fits the seat like a second skin. This extremely close fit means that no ties are required to secure the covers to the seat, so they can be fitted in a minute or two and remove in seconds.

Custom-made Car Seat CoversWe also manufacture seat covers in canvas and vinyl - using our sewing service we custom design these to fit your car seat exactly.

We hold stocks of seat covers for the 12 most popular vehicles, so we can probably supply you with a seat cover within a day or two of ordering. If we don't have a pattern we will try to find a vehicle from which to make a pattern. It may take a while, but we'll keep hunting for a vehicle as long as you have the patience to wait for us. And once we find it we will supply you promptly with a seat cover that fits perfectly with no additional cost for the pattern making.

 Contact us today for further details or visit for a view of our range of car seat covers. 

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